1. "It’s better to have one good pair of shoes than a half dozen cheap ones, because the cheap ones look cheap even when they’re new, but the good ones look new even when they’re old."
    Bruce Boyer as quoted in Ivy Style
  2. On fashion in politics...

    • IS: It seems there’s hardly anyone in the public eye — in politics, business or media — with the classic Brooks/Press look. Peter Jennings, Obama, Donald Trump — they all look the same.
    • BB: They’re all wearing Oxxford suits in the Midwestern grain-salesman model, a plain shirt and a “discrete” tie, but probably by Hermes.
  3. On fashion...

    • IS: We live in an inauthentic world.
    • BB: That’s exactly it. There’s a lot of style and no substance, and that’s what we’ve come to. The clothing doesn’t reflect what it used to.

About me

My heroes include Lady Gaga, Alexander McQueen, Marcia Tucker, Diana Vreeland, Dr. Sam Howell (my art history professor at FMU), Bill Cunningham, and many others. These people have helped to shape my ideas about style, art, and fashion; creating a mélange which draws upon every period, from antiquity to modern day pop culture. Here and now I will attempt to add my voice to all the others and in doing so I begin training my eye and mind to be more discerning and expressive on the subject of fashion as art and vice-versa art as fashion. Fashion is a way of living, therefore art is a way of life too.